Tachai Island ( ทัวร์เกาะตาชัย )

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Tachai is located at the northern end of the Similan Islands and the islands not far from it. In particular, the weather is great, overlooking the white sandy beach of Koh Tachai. We will find the islands beyond. Name of Tachai was dubbed the "Aberdeen", the name of the first man who discovered the island of Koh Tachai, both in Thailand and foreign tourists. Forest with pure white sand. Soft feet as Coffee Mate. Clear blue sea Wide beach and extending parallel to the surface of the water beyond. There is snorkeling and scuba diving, snorkeling, beautiful. Complete with hard corals and fish to feed the many. If the rhythm is good, you may have seen. Manti Zebra shark Baby sharks and black Moray etc. In addition, a giant rock. There is another animal that was the star of Tachai crab crab mountain living in the forest areas with brackish water and the rich only. Sounds like screaming chicks Tourists to visit each Tachai This is the newest host of the Similan Islands. The recently opened to the public soon. With its unique natural features The beauty and perfection of nature Similar to the Similan spectacular. Make Tachai a new tourist attraction to many people, both Thailand and want to stay. You broke a pioneer Love Andaman Tour Tachai first dubbed as "The Virgin Island", we are working hard to get you to experience the beauty of the island and undefiled.


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Trip included :...

  • Round trip transport
  • Elephant trek & Jungle canoe
  • Lunch & Light meal
  • Soft drink
  • Local guide and Insurance.
time detail trip
8.00 pm Van shuttle service to everyone at the Club Andaman's love tablamu Pier to check-in with the service. Breakfast, tea, coffee, biscuits Luggage Storage service is ready to receive a new set of diving equipment from love Andaman free of charge additions.
8.30-9.00 pm Departure to the private pier of love by three expert guides explain the program and details. Practices in the ride on boats and restrictions to security will happen to you, Max. Moreover, it is important that we do and say here comes along is to travel with a green heart, however, is not polished and ready-to-ship will depart to Koh Tachai.
10.15 a.m. Arrive Koh Tachai Island Beach goes into boat Ta Chai. Delivery service for people who would like to spend all day touch the sand. Swimming on the beach and take one with the nature on the island, or you prefer to grab an oar and snorkeling snorkeling fish large and small. Spend the morning in shallow water There are regular guided boat care closely.
10.30 a.m. Snorkeling at Koh Tachai North first, where there is the most complete coral. This point is not very deep sea level was only 4-6 metres.
11.30 a.m. Diving: diving point point, another side of Koh Tachai. At this point, the sea level over the first point is deep. Depth approx. 6-10 meters, but it will have the opportunity to see large schools of fish, more than.
12.30 p.m. Whatever your lunch supplies a full slip Special prawn, papaya salad, grilled squid, burning taste SAAP. Sauce dishes with buffet Homemade coconut ice cream, fresh darapprakan A variety of coffee, tea, fruit juice and force a taste premium and pastry selection.
13.30 hrs. Hiking along the nature path. Takes about 20 minutes. You will find the creatures we called chicken poo for the Ko Tachai only. We are going to find out the answer at the same time we call it chicken and crab that we can study the beautiful path. An abundance of nature on Koh Tachai When you walk to the end and then passes to the best beaches with white sand, as though modern coffee mate and piles of rocks, towering Rock Love. At this point, you are able to stay private. Swim and hot complement is to jump, and then take a photo at the Ko Ta Chai.
15.15 hrs. It is time to recover the dabai Island Tachai to the private pier of love Andaman.
16.30 p.m. Journey back to port with three bathrooms, lovely gift shop and pick up baggage from the port before you can back up all your van can tell Love Hotels with names of officials to be returned to travel Andaman room safely.

What to bring :
  • Camera
  • Sun glasses
  • Hat or Cap
  • Sun block lotion
  • Suitable shoes
  • Extra clothes
  • Towel

Tachai Island ( ทัวร์เกาะตาชัย )